Policy advocacy

This guide describes the issues facing the Jefferson County Food Policy Council members. We collected these issues through over 100 meetings and interviews. This guide serves as our policy platform, so we use these issues to guide the actions we take to advocate for a more equitable and sustainable food system. 

Advocacy workbook

This workbook guides you through developing a policy advocacy campaign to create systemic changes in your community. We use this guide to build campaigns through our Advocacy Coalitions (link). 

Racial equity

Our Racial Equity Workgroup developed a toolkit which can be used to evaluate policies on their impact on racial equity. The toolkit can be used to evaluate policies at any level, including within an organization, local city ordinances, or state or federal law.
Using a Historical Lens to Contextualize Discriminatory Housing Practices and Food Access in Jefferson County
This research paper explores the history of race in Jefferson County, including the legacy of white supremacy in public offices and housing policies. The paper was written by graduate students, Taylor Jones and Erica Walters, in partnership with the JCFPC Racial Equity Workgroup when part of Jefferson County Public Health. 

Food resources

If you are in need of immediate food assistance, you can use the following tools to locate food pantries in your area: 
Dial 2-1-1 to speak to someone who can help

Local food

Buying local food is key to a sustainable and equitable local food system. You can find local food at local grocers, farmers markets, or sign up for a CSA share at a local farm. 

Local grocers

  • Wheat Ridge Poultry and Meats (​​5650 W 29th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80214)